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Step 1


Decide where to place the underwater LED strip. Mark the line of its position with a pencil or a grease pencil… place “gorilla tape” along the top and bottom line full length of the pencil mark.

Step 2


Tape along drawn lines with “Gorilla” tape full length of desired path of underwater LED lights. Smooth the tape against the boat surface. Especially where the lines were.

Step 3


Using a drill with a circular brush attached, get the gel of the coat of the boat sanded down until it is scuffed up the whole length of the boat area. STay within the tape line. That is your guide for sanding when finished, clean the scuffed area with acetone. Please leave tape stilled attached to the boat.

Step 4


Using the special glue provided, run a bead around the connection ot the LED strip both at the end that the wire comes out and also the end that connects to the LED strip. We recommend that you also get the point of the glue dispenser under the lip of the connector facing the LED’s and squeeze an ample amount of glue/sealant under that connector on both sides making sure you have a good waterproof seal.

Step 5


Each boat is different so each installation requires the installer to determine where he or she should start. The determining factor is where the installer wants the wire that is attached to the LED strip to go into the engine compartment or over the transom towards the power supply that is included to be used. In this particular application the installer decided that since the owner watned multible LED strips to be installed (on the wide boat) the starting point would be in the middle. Before you start the LED application, you must scuff up the back of the LED strip (side that you do not see any LED’s) and wipe down that side of the LED strip that you have scuffed up with acetone.

Step 6


To get the correct length required to length to get a correct installation you must start with the location where you want the connection that has the LED on one side and wire on the other side. Tape that connection down and stretch the LED strip towards the opposite side of the boat. (It is best to put this connection on the transom not around the corner on the side of the boat). In this particular application…due to the width of the boat…the goal of this step is to meet in the center with the ends of the LED’s. NOT OVERLAPPING.  IF THEY ARE YOU MUST  CUT THE LED STRIPS  SO THAT THEY  MEET PROPERLY.

Step 7


To cut the led strip you must cut only at the figure on the strip that depicts a pair of scissors … once you cut the led strip get one of the end caps that are included in the kit (the ones without the holes in them) fill the end cap about ½ full with the sealant/glue provided in the kit. Slide the end cap over the end of the strip that you just cut … push it on … you will see the sealant covering the strip as you push it on. Whatever comes out from under the end cap wipe off of the end cap and led strip. Wait approx. 1 minute and make a bead of sealant around the end of end cap and led strip. Just as you did earlier in the installation process.

Step 8


Now is the time to apply the led strip. You have already cleaned the jel coat and the scuffed up back of the led strip with acetone the next step is applying the sealant/glue to the gel coat and the back of the led strip. Squeeze the glue bottle and apply to both parts in a zig zag pattern. You do this for about 1 ½ feet at a time.

Step 9


On whatever end you have decided to start the application of the led strip you must make sure that you put ample glue on it, position it where you want it and then tape it down with “gorilla “tape. Continue putting the led strip on the transom. Every 10 inches use tape to hold the strip firmly against the transom. Continue this procedure for about 2 1/5 feet and then run additional tape the length of the area that you have glued  ( shown in next picture)

Step 10


Please note how the “gorilla” tape is applied lengthwise …As the tape is applied you must run your fingers along the top and bottom of the tape next to the strip  to insure that the tape is pressing the strip against the gel coat on the transom You have about 5 – 8 minutes of work time with the glue/sealant  that is why you should do a section at a time.

Step 11


Wait approx. 20 minutes, remove the tape with care. Run your finger to probe to see if any area of the strip is not tightly adhered to the transom…. If you find some spots that are not properly adhered, not to worry. Get your tube of glue, and with the point on the bottle inject some glue between the strip and transom. get a strip of tape and place it over spot that was loose ,press hard against the tape and strip and then press tape to transom. Pls note picture below.

Step 12

Your under water kit comes with 20 feet of waterproof cord that is attached to the led strip this is the wire that will enable you to reach your source of power. Once you have run the wire to the location you desire the kit provides you with a fuse holder with an extra fuse. You want to put the fuse holder attached to the positive wire strand that comes from the led strip. You will denote the positive side strand by looking for and finding the clear strand that has a white stripe on it  the other strand is the negative strand. In the led kit you will find a toggle switch it’s there for you to use if you so desire. If you use another switch that’s already installed in the boat that is ok, the choice is yours.

This finished installation now sits at Avalon

boatstepsfinished boatstepsfinished2

This could be your boat!

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